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Listen to the album, With Love

Submitted for Grammy 2023 : best jazz vocal album - best album packaging.

With Love

I remember sitting under my father's knees as he and the fellas were swinging away in the living room. Maybe five, knowing that is what I want to do with my life. Talk to other people with my mind. You see watching those masters change form and tempo without a look or gesture.
Knowing what song they were playing with one note from my dad’s piano. That was magic to me.

This record is about bringing you to that space and hearing our take on that magic. We take on Dad and his brother's arrangements - re-imagined and offer up some new twists for all you music lovers out there.
It's one of the four last albums mastered at Capital Recording Studios mastering.
It sits in the very halls of the house that Nat built.

Please accept my invitation and my loving tribute to my family that changed the whole wide world... With Love.

Listen to the album, With Love
With Love Album Art
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