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Listen to the album, Cancel Christmas

Submitted for Grammy 2023 : best comedy album - best engineered album non classical - best vocal jazz performance.

Cancel Christmas

It starts with our hero G-ma grumpily awakened by strange noises in the dead of night.
She breaches the stairs to her favourite tune Cancel Xmas blasting from her new boombox.
To her mild surprise, she finds a “Big Boy” in velvet trespassing drunkenly in her house.
She warns that she is armed as she draws down on the intruder.
He alarmingly responds “Ho!” - cough, cough.
Immediately she shoots this “Prowler”.
Moving in for closer inspection, she sees the interloper is very likely Santa.
A real miracle on her street.
Her suspicions are verified when an uptight elf knocks on the door and invokes the “Santa Clause”.
This compulsory contract is presented magically to the now awestruck G-ma who is to be the next Santa.
Join her as she goes through Santa boot camp, Life on the Pole 101, and Yule sensitivity classes.
Spend Christmas night with G-ma delivering gifts and grits to the masses this year. Time to tell the truth for Christmas!

Listen to the album, Cancel Christmas
Cancel Christmas
Cancel Christmas Album Artwork
All I want for Christmas is You
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